Archive | November, 2006
23 Nov

thankful thursday (the debut!)
(aka funny, happy things that make me smile :happy:)

  1. my dad + wine shopping + wine drinking (he is so silly and impaired and i just laugh and laugh)
  2. homemade pies! i am now capable of making normal raw sugar topped pies, crumb topped pies, and lattice topped pies
  3. lattice energy. b/c it reminds me of pies and vice-versa
  4. 4am talks with rb
  5. my new shoes! i no longer have holes in my shoes that let in the rain
  6. sweet sweet harmonies
  7. hemingway, the rb baby. and plans to drink at hemingway cafe after both rbs are 21.
  8. lambies
  9. kevin being home
  10. late night food from b
  11. shopping sales. i am a shopping whore thanks to may
  12. roomie sitting in her closet and the daily, “i have nothing to wear!”
  13. herb + doug being spectacular next door neighbors at hage6
  14. my fav hippo, fei who causes most of the huge goofy grins on my face