7 Dec

thankful thursday

  1. zeta psi boys for putting together Relay Kickoff
  2. flo for being a fun roomie
  3. my bathroom being only HALF broken now (soapdish is fixed, toilet is not)
  4. toilets
  5. my warm hollister sweater b/c otherwise i would have froze this week
  6. potential appetizers/dessert date with g, adam, ashleigh ( 🙂 except i don’t think ashleigh or adam knew yet)
  7. 4 months til my bday! when i can have my dreams come true: appetizers/desserts/COCKTAILS dates
  8. planned after finals date at bugaboo with fei. oh how i miss their delicious food!
  9. clementines. simple, healthy, fast food
  10. duct tape. for keeing water out of the caulking job we did on the soap dish and keeping posters up on campus

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