thankful thursday

7 Dec
  • zeta psi boys for putting together Relay Kickoff
  • flo for generally being a fun roomie
  • my bathroom being only HALF broken now (soapdish is fixed, toilet is not)
  • toilets
  • my warm hollister sweater b/c otherwise i would have froze this week
  • potential appetizers/dessert date with g, adam, ashleigh ( šŸ™‚ except i don’t think ashleigh or adam knew yet)
  • 4 months til my bday! when i can have my dreams come true: appetizers/desserts/COCKTAILS dates
  • planned after finals date at bugaboo with fei. oh how i miss their delicious food!
  • clementines. simple, healthy, fast food
  • duct tape. for keeing water out of the caulking job we did on the soap dish and keeping posters up on campus

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