25 Mar

thankful thursday

  • a lot of family time
  • seeing my aunt
  • finding my aunt
  • being done with crazy family hectic planning
  • my second trip to ny in my life, the first i actually got to enjoy ny
  • fei for planning 99% of it!
  • seeing bobby and judy on the bus on the way up and bobby again coming back
  • cheap hostels
  • h&m for having my most fav dress i own now
  • spring break
  • relaxing
  • art i really like for random reasons
  • silly art
  • going to the moma and being an ex-art nerd and wanting to see the temporarily closed section of the design stuff. like.. the typography. haha. i really do want to see that film “history of helvetica”. one of my biggest regrets of leaving umbc gd program is not taking gd6 advanced typography
  • third eye blind coming to town soon
  • life
  • love

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