5 Apr

thankful thursday

  • life
  • love
  • people show me love by bday wishes
  • all of the loves who donated to Relay for my bday (i suppose it was the one thing i really wanted)
  • sponsorships happening for Relay
  • boyfriend who went out of his way to make me dinner tonight
  • music that keeps me sane
  • guster
  • having housing (not getting caught in the senior housing debacle) and people who might live with me
  • my rb b/c i’ve had too much to say lately and even if its just leaving her messages if she’s not there, i know she’s still there for me
  • tears
  • an easy schedule next semester (13 credits) due to not fulfilling prereqs, but i’ll have the time i desperately need for myself, to take care of myself and volunteer more
  • a little over one week til peace of mind is attainable
  • maroon 5
  • allnighters for always having good music
  • team zoltan, my vc1+2 crew, the gd kids, cpk2north, for being fun and helping me enjoy part of my 21 years of life
  • turning 21, duh 😛

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