19 Apr

thankful thursday

  • patience, persistence, love
  • supportive parents
  • $72,000 raised by this year’s Relay, MY Relay, beating last year’s 71k, and we’re still bringing in money
  • ending Relay early so that i didn’t burn out or faint from exhaustion
  • the human body’s ability to run on minimal resources
  • the refreshing feeling of sleep after being more exhausted than i’d been in my life
  • my orgo TA for letting me sleep/not listen during class and let me go to office hours instead
  • my cbc girls who brighten my day and rant with me
  • a cooperative Relay committee
  • supportive friends, in reassuring me that i’ve done a good job with Relay
  • people that were still walking at 2am, people that stayed at Relay even after i left and shut down Relay
  • dates that keep romance alive and help me get through my week
  • my awesome awesome friends whom i miss terribly and can finally see now that i have tons of free time due to the end of Relay
  • the end of Relay
  • my boss for letting me take off from work for an extra month to pull myself back together again
  • God who carried me through the entire week of craziness along with every moment of my life
  • my vtech friends for being safe and alive
  • offers to go to the beach, a place where i could finally get the peace i need, even if i can’t go
  • the promise of summer, sun, warmth
  • free time (to take care of myself, to pursue my dreams, to do things i’ve always wanted to do)
  • rb for being such a role model for me since she juggles everything at once and she is absolutely amazing at everything she does. her heart is huge. she’s independent and strong. and a spectacular friend. things she’s said before about me and Relay helped me get through the past couple months of planning and pulling off Relay.
  • hope

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