10 May

thankful thursday

  • getting respect and knowing that i’ve earned it through various means for different people
  • going on dates after not having seen someone in a while
  • good talks after yucky, gross days
  • hugs
  • support and encouragement from people i love
  • sulfacetamide b/c i’ve had to use it so often this year
  • air condition b/c its so hot
  • shoes b/c the 23092 caterpillars on the sidewalks/streets next to my apt creep me out
  • the last few days of classes, soon, summer (…school)!
  • good teachers that have made classes interesting for me this semester
  • the promise of sunshiney days
  • knowing fun people to go out with at night
  • being sore b/c i’ve worked out at the gym
  • the end of relay season (.. and the start of another)
  • smoked foods, b/c not only do they taste amazing, but they’re good for extra long 🙂
  • milk and it being such a perfect food
  • no labs for a couple weeks
  • sundresses!
  • unending patience, where does it all come from?
  • contact lens, b/c i dislike wearing glasses all the time.
  • good friends i’ve had, good friends i’ve lost, along the way
  • the promise of summer concert season!

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