17 May

thankful thursday

  • the end of caterpillars!
  • free time to go to the gym
  • showers after a good sweat
  • good movies
  • beautiful voices (john legend, karen carpenter)
  • i don’t grad this year, college has its good sides too
  • the expected return of great grandpa
  • bbqs
  • ice cream
  • a day of rest between exams
  • internet for online window shopping
  • grace in relation to hope and love
  • built up trust
  • finally starting to settle into loving myself
  • the best support girls i could ever ask for
  • sleep and crashing after late nights of studying
  • gymming and not crashing after taking today’s exam
  • my bed.
  • the capability to love others
  • having other people to love
  • summer, and i can finally return to my kids (only 3 months left til the fair?!)

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