24 May

thankful thursday

  • sleeping. for as long as i want, whenever i want
  • sunshiney/warm days. so i can lay outside
  • elevators+carts. they make moving out a lotttt easier
  • cars. so i don’t have to sweat while walking or waiting for a bus
  • ERC. b/c i have no gym while at home and i’m starting to feel gross
  • parks that i grew up in
  • my CEF kids. b/c the second i started up the stairs to practice, i felt at home
  • home. among other places, a little tent in a smelly fairgrounds
  • friends i can talk for hours with
  • friends i can sit around at watch movies with, aka certain umbc loves
  • the possibility of my wife becoming my roomie for a month!
  • laying around, lazily talking to loves of my life
  • all my recently graduated friends
  • a self-release from self-secured shackles
  • forgiveness in relation to love
  • a boyfriend who constantly gives of himself
  • summer fruits (watermelons, strawberries, peaches)
  • summer foods (bbqs, fair foods, gelati, ice cream)
  • planned dates this summer (park, boating, peach picking, bbqs, great falls, camping, white water rafting)
  • good movies, magazines, books, and music to occupy my time

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