1 Jun

thankful thursday

  • bars for quick service
  • underwear
  • public transportation (metrorail, metrobus, AND rideon)
  • one week break from work
  • my fav people at work!
  • warm welcome backs (work + somoco relay)
  • warm welcomes (rem bs)
  • interesting stories (like gay stories, proposal stories)
  • cold, cold water to drink after workouts and time outside
  • salads b/c they taste good and are healthy
  • showers, they make me clean
  • bed/sleep, b/c this week was a bit tiring
  • sore muscles
  • summer movies/shows
  • a safe trip back to the US for a dear great grandpa
  • the ERC during the day when no one is there
  • musical hollers, betcha you never got a guy singing a holler at you! its hilarious
  • working three blocks away from my apt
  • my fav man for fun this week

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