7 Jun

thankful thursday

  • photo albums
  • surprises/surprise visits
  • john legend
  • 24hr diners
  • HBO on demand
  • memorizing everything for my quiz but reactions/mechanisms EARLY
  • review sessions
  • fun people at work
  • peace at heart
  • tracks and the ability to run
  • cool breezes
  • dates of all sorts with many friends
  • seeing RB last week for the first time in a while
  • cancelled lab+discussion although i didn’t find out until i got to class both times
  • not working on wednesdays, which makes my week so so much nicer/shorter/more flexible
  • not working on fridays, which makes my weekend longer
  • working b/c i finally have income again!
  • rainstorms, thunderstorms, rain: they’re so amazing and awesome
  • cold, cold water after a run
  • the reopening of the pool at the ERC
  • happy summers

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