5 Jul

thankful thursday

  • body fat to cushion falls
  • cameras that would have recorded amazing bike flips
  • lakes, ponds, etc with all the peace you get from boating
  • wildlife on lakes, ponds, etc.
  • a loving boyfriend who made sure i was okay after my big fall
  • adrenaline rushes that make you act on instinct without thinking
  • my orgo textbook’s author paula bruice b/c its seriously the best science textbook i’ve had
  • my orgo exam1 score that makes me happy 🙂
  • classmates who also get annoyed when after spending 2hrs in lab, we learn that we don’t have the right reactants to perform the lab, thus class is cancelled
  • popsicles, they taste damn good
  • not having to move from my room to see the fireworks across campus
  • best friends, boyfriend, people that matter and precious to me
  • my family’s good health
  • cars and other various convenient methods of transportation
  • design books for inspiration

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