12 Jul

thankful thursday

  • eating. fasting is awful awful awful
  • the ability for my blood cells to replicate.
  • happy veins that pop when necessary. ( for doctors. not drugs.)
  • peeeachessss. b/c i could eat them ALL DAY LONG (come peach picking with me! i will make pies!)
  • currently winning my running bet (helloo free dinner)
  • taco salads that make salad eating bearable (yes, i like that commercial about it too)
  • parks, lakes, woods, outdoorsy events
  • summer warmth
  • sunshiney days
  • really really big thunderstorms!
  • standing outside in really really big thunderstorms
  • my bruises are almost gone from fighting that bear (nathan sent it to me)
  • sugary food my grandma used to make that helped establish my
    sweet tooth (mashed potatoes, broccoli, steamed donuts, pancakes…)

  • breakfast food
  • ice cream, gelati, fro-yo, and the like
  • ex-roomie randomness
  • pay days
  • credit cards to help out when pay day hasn’t come yet
  • a sure-shot of passing orgo2 🙂
  • a great grandpa home for parts of the fair
  • the fair almost being here! yay! the fair!
  • all my fav drama kids. and perhaps a couple face painting kids too.
  • pools. invite me to yours, i want to swim!
  • lemonade, margaritas, summer drinks
  • boyfriends that are willing to make compromises
  • my RB
  • bbqs

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