26 Jul

thankful thursday

  • anti-itch cream
  • never ever having chicken pox b/c i probably won’t be able to bear it
  • mirrors, to count my 100 bug bites
  • lakes
  • bikes b/c it makes transporting things to a campsite easier.
  • camping!
  • gym membership, i miss running inside 😦
  • hot fudge brownie sundaes at mcd’s
  • GELATI from carmen’s. not turkey hill duetto. not ritas. woodley gardens/cges love!
  • productive meetings
  • dhall friends
  • rock paper scissors
  • being able to wear casual clothes to work
  • tshirts+shorts combos when i’m not at work (how did i manage to only bring home one tshirt this weekend??)
  • the best coworkers ever
  • finally finishing 13093 of the neverending projects at work
  • more magazines with my name in the credits!
  • a growing design portfolio 🙂
  • my internship, which is really a huge catch for any designer attending UM
  • working with the AIGA-DC president and one of the event coordinators
  • really fun catalogs/samples from veer
  • end of the week fun with the boyfriend 🙂
  • white peaches! b/c they taste soooo gooooood.
  • mrs li for picking the white peaches 🙂
  • the best friends i could ever ask for
  • real emails

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