Archive | August, 2007
30 Aug

thankful thursday

  • friends who look out for you
  • friends who check up on you
  • friends that make me laugh and i have silly times with
  • cars, taking buses to buy 13493 things from 23509 stores would be no fun
  • ice cream sandwiches
  • GOOD running shoes, which make running so much easier
  • sneakers, which makes walking to classes across campus easier
  • work, b/c it is only 10min from my apt instead of 25 like my classes
  • restaurants/diner/people, b/c i don’t want to cook everyday of my life
  • income, so i can spend money when i need/want to.
  • food, i get hungry so often now with erc membership again and weird schedules
  • erc membership 🙂
  • cooler, less muggy nights, good for running
  • running, b/c it improves my posture
  • hot water for showers
  • comfy beds for when i’m exhausted and tired and not sleeping enough
  • sleep, b/c its so nice. although i’m my own fault i didn’t sleep enough this week
  • the return of college football games to attend
  • wing nights and the promise of more!
  • pattipaul b/c it saves my butt
23 Aug

thankful thursday

  • sleep
  • parents who cook
  • a comfy bed
  • bathroom attendants
  • real true love (a la cricket’s: what more could you want? i mean, perfect, hello)
  • red, red roses
  • the promise that God knows the plans for my future
  • the promise that God loves me
  • the promise that God’s plans for me are better than i can imagine
  • promises
  • drama07 and all the struggles and stories that come with it
  • drama girls and all the love they’ve shown me
  • drama boys and their hilarity
  • the cuban shuffle, b/c i love it
  • tissues
  • hot showers
  • beaches, waves, sunsets, peace
  • friends who i can be real with and go to with problems
  • friends who i can go crazy with
  • ggramps, his prayers, his talks, his support
  • my drama division leaders for making this year absolutely amazing
  • fair food: gelati, m&m caramel apples, cookie dough coke floats, corn dogs, cotton candy, kettle corn, snow cones
  • always hopes, always trusts, never fails
17 Aug

thankful thursday

  • grace
  • real love
  • second chances
  • forgiveness
  • plentiful amounts of food, that i don’t go hungry
  • plentiful amounts of unhealthy food, that i can indulge a little
  • smiles, joy, laughter, jokes
  • support, encouragement, reassurance
  • good leaders for keeping things running
  • loving hearts that help hurting hearts
  • music, when it soothes the soul
  • hugs, massages
  • emails, phone calls
  • patience
  • beaches, oceans, waves, sunshine
  • peace of mind
  • friends i can be real with
9 Aug

thankful thursday

  • sleep, which leads to being healthy
  • meds, for when i’m not
  • restaurant week for all the yummy expensive foods/cocktails i’ve consumed
  • drama girls fun
  • people that offer to help for the fair
  • parents that cook dinner for the fair
  • fu shing cafe, so i don’t have to cook lunch
  • late start days to avoid lunch
  • ice cream
  • donuts
  • people to set up the tents so i can sit back and instruct
  • easy going photographers
  • awesome ex-roomie and her stories
  • a patient boyfriend who is willing to listen to me and hear me out
  • sleep
  • sleep
  • sleep (i’m not getting enough of it lately)
2 Aug

thankful thursday

  • cell phones for efficiency
  • my laptop for portable info/life
  • my dad for teaching me how to invest money
  • places that have amazing quality steak
  • the promise and excitement of dc restaurant week
  • my job, my boss, my coworkers. for their flexibility, friendships, food, love.
  • my job for all the opportunities it gives me since most design kids don’t
    gain real life experience til after school

  • my job b/c i got to see the REAL testudo today at work
  • cars for efficiency
  • cooperative people. for things i’ve wanted to do like photoshoots and for
    things when i get mad at other people for.

  • ical printable calendars
  • chris cheung for always being on top of things for our team, moreso than i
    know how to be capable of

  • blackberries, orchards
  • laser hair removal. so that at least other richer people can be rid of

  • whole foods for amazing recipes and inspiring me to cook more
  • random fun that ensues from cleaning out the apt, like throwing glass
    bottles and watching them shatter into pieces at the recycle center

  • agreeable roomies-to-be
  • on demand tv to catch up on shows
  • understanding hearts, like rb, hippo, ggramps, kathy
  • my school id card/terp express to make my life easier and so i don’t feel
    like i’m spending money on lunch

  • cheap, easy food like hotdogs
  • wing nights
  • yummy smells that come from my coworkers lunches/snacks
  • color, colors that work
  • coloraid for teaching me the complexities of color
  • lisa moren for being a very supportive and perhaps my fav art teacher ever
  • umbc’s gd program for helping me get to where i am now
  • delete functions on email programs so i don’t have to see all the trash i
    have in my inbox

  • all sorts of inspiration for art, life, living be it from books, friends, loves
  • being well-off enough so i can afford the lifestyle i have.
  • some of my fav girls who brighten my day