2 Aug

thankful thursday

  • cell phones for efficiency
  • my laptop for portable info/life
  • my dad for teaching me how to invest money
  • places that have amazing quality steak
  • the promise and excitement of dc restaurant week
  • my job, my boss, my coworkers. for their flexibility, friendships, food, love.
  • my job for all the opportunities it gives me since most design kids don’t
    gain real life experience til after school

  • my job b/c i got to see the REAL testudo today at work
  • cars for efficiency
  • cooperative people. for things i’ve wanted to do like photoshoots and for
    things when i get mad at other people for.

  • ical printable calendars
  • chris cheung for always being on top of things for our team, moreso than i
    know how to be capable of

  • blackberries, orchards
  • laser hair removal. so that at least other richer people can be rid of

  • whole foods for amazing recipes and inspiring me to cook more
  • random fun that ensues from cleaning out the apt, like throwing glass
    bottles and watching them shatter into pieces at the recycle center

  • agreeable roomies-to-be
  • on demand tv to catch up on shows
  • understanding hearts, like rb, hippo, ggramps, kathy
  • my school id card/terp express to make my life easier and so i don’t feel
    like i’m spending money on lunch

  • cheap, easy food like hotdogs
  • wing nights
  • yummy smells that come from my coworkers lunches/snacks
  • color, colors that work
  • coloraid for teaching me the complexities of color
  • lisa moren for being a very supportive and perhaps my fav art teacher ever
  • umbc’s gd program for helping me get to where i am now
  • delete functions on email programs so i don’t have to see all the trash i
    have in my inbox

  • all sorts of inspiration for art, life, living be it from books, friends, loves
  • being well-off enough so i can afford the lifestyle i have.
  • some of my fav girls who brighten my day

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