23 Aug

thankful thursday

  • sleep
  • parents who cook
  • a comfy bed
  • bathroom attendants
  • real true love (a la cricket’s: what more could you want? i mean, perfect, hello)
  • red, red roses
  • the promise that God knows the plans for my future
  • the promise that God loves me
  • the promise that God’s plans for me are better than i can imagine
  • promises
  • drama07 and all the struggles and stories that come with it
  • drama girls and all the love they’ve shown me
  • drama boys and their hilarity
  • the cuban shuffle, b/c i love it
  • tissues
  • hot showers
  • beaches, waves, sunsets, peace
  • friends who i can be real with and go to with problems
  • friends who i can go crazy with
  • ggramps, his prayers, his talks, his support
  • my drama division leaders for making this year absolutely amazing
  • fair food: gelati, m&m caramel apples, cookie dough coke floats, corn dogs, cotton candy, kettle corn, snow cones
  • always hopes, always trusts, never fails

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