30 Aug

thankful thursday

  • friends who look out for you
  • friends who check up on you
  • friends that make me laugh and i have silly times with
  • cars, taking buses to buy 13493 things from 23509 stores would be no fun
  • ice cream sandwiches
  • GOOD running shoes, which make running so much easier
  • sneakers, which makes walking to classes across campus easier
  • work, b/c it is only 10min from my apt instead of 25 like my classes
  • restaurants/diner/people, b/c i don’t want to cook everyday of my life
  • income, so i can spend money when i need/want to.
  • food, i get hungry so often now with erc membership again and weird schedules
  • erc membership šŸ™‚
  • cooler, less muggy nights, good for running
  • running, b/c it improves my posture
  • hot water for showers
  • comfy beds for when i’m exhausted and tired and not sleeping enough
  • sleep, b/c its so nice. although i’m my own fault i didn’t sleep enough this week
  • the return of college football games to attend
  • wing nights and the promise of more!
  • pattipaul b/c it saves my butt

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