6 Sep

thankful thursday

  • my friends who make me smile
  • $2 calzones
  • ERC being in a prime location and having an indoor track
  • running shoes so my feet don’t hurt
  • being an art major so i am able to live this hang out with people every night lifestyle i have come upon
  • i’m a senior. i am graduating in spring. i can’t believe it.
  • my roomies for all sorts of reasons
  • a return of a cappella to my life
  • cold water to drink after good runs
  • the path that runs under rt1 so i don’t have to wait for traffic to cross the street
  • classes that let out early so i can run early without the mad rush of people at the gym
  • random bubble tea straw acquiring events that make me laugh
  • finally being able to drink with chris
  • sleep, b/c its so sweet when it happens
  • CSPAC for being a music haven
  • ASY for being my new second home
  • FA for being the best second home ever. camerata, GD, VCs .. πŸ™‚
  • all the funny things that have happened this week
  • having finished two projects at work recently and getting samples for my portfolio, i’m really proud to have accomplished more this summer than before
  • fun football games
  • boston market for corn muffins, for not being packed with lines to the door
  • the return of taco salads to my life! although i need more lettuce 😦
  • running. for 20min of peace.
  • the feeling of such freedom when running, since i’ve finally reached a point where running takes over my body.
  • ib for educating me in ways that make me laugh at things in college now.
  • the fact that i can laugh at the hilarity of the guy in art theory that genuinely asked if our research essay is supposed to be informative or persuasive
  • art at maryland is um.. interesting.. we got punk’d… TWICE. at least they have a sense of humor?
  • stupid movies πŸ™‚
  • did i mention running?
  • love, hope, and faith, but the greatest of these is love

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