9 Sep

thankful sunday

  • finally sending out the email about small group
  • having a Bible reading mission to make it meaningful to me and someone to keep me accountable
  • finally going to do tutoring/working with kids, by way of little lights (i just need to fill out the app)
  • great support from friends for all the things that have been going on
  • being a counselor. i’m finally able to get to know church kids better
  • opportunities to grow. i may end up being a small group leader
  • my daily running. i can feel my heart rate being lower and i can run faster and further than before.
  • running, b/c its helps me find peace
  • tetanus shots, b/c i’ve had a one too many incidents/accidents involving fences
  • the thanks i received tonight by unexpected people, b/c it helps me realize when i have a positive impact upon others
  • honesty

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