13 Sep

thankful thursday

  • meal plan cutoff dates
  • ice cream
  • indoor tracks
  • “i love handbells” bumper stickers
  • being a senior
  • being an art major
  • no class fridays
  • seeing friends at the gym
  • butt stretches, b/c my butt is sore 😦
  • the people i work with
  • melons at the diner
  • allergy stuff to keep my eustachian tube open to make running more pleasant
  • leg muscles, willpower, healthy heart, so i can run a lot. (max so far: 2mi πŸ™‚ )
  • cooler weather
  • monday night football with my favs
  • doctors who will nurse my ravens back to health
  • hair strainers for bathtubs
  • teachers who let me sleep for an entire hour in the front row of class and don’t hate me
  • bmore loves
  • stupid story sessions with raq
  • sunshine and long daylight hours
  • butterflies
  • shoulder strap portfolios
  • the downhill walk home from art/soc or the erc
  • hospitals so my friends don’t die
  • girls, b/c guys are really stupid and sleazy sometimes
  • sport bras that work
  • people that walk in the walk lane on the track
  • finishing a rush of deadlines at work and having stuff that i designed printed, not my edits on someone’s work πŸ™‚
  • sweatshirts in frozen classrooms
  • funny family feud answers
  • south park during theory class
  • my newfound running ability so now art/soc doesn’t seem as far
  • auntie eugenia and her prayers
  • my perforator πŸ™‚
  • a gorgeous lake next to my apt
  • people that push me to my potential
  • people who don’t sugarcoat, sweettalk or bullshit me
  • people that respect me
  • that my theory teacher mentioned today, hope, love, and faith. πŸ™‚

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