27 Sep

thankful thursday

  • people’s patience with me
  • my growing supply of patience
  • wawa, as a last tribute type thing you know
  • parents who know how to make bubble tea correctly
  • the many laughs becky and i had this week over random, stupid things
  • really nice people at little lights, kati and mijin for being so welcoming
  • snacks
  • cheddar cheese. b/c it tastes yummy when paired with the right food
  • indoor gym, to run in when i misjudge the weather outside and wear long sleeves 😦
  • sunshine, b/c for some reason, i tanned a LOT this week from walking around and waiting between classes
  • improving in drawing class and finally feeling like i have some potential at it.
  • people who respect me as a real person
  • people who won’t bullshit me
  • futons and other rooms in my apt to avoid people sometimes
  • smarttrip, so i don’t have to buy a new farecard everyday when i ride metro/metrobus, which is almost everyday lately.
  • buying jimmy eat world tickets before they sold out today!
  • mon&wed b/c i can wear tshirts/shorts/flipflops on those [non-work] days
  • sleep, i don’t get nearly enough lately
  • health b/c i didn’t get sick tonight after feeling like crap after my run
  • health clinics b/c they are convenient and no hassle, unlike my awful physician.
  • almost being done with that horrid trustees directory at work and a lovely new layout for it (i actually asked to change it and i think its approved!)
  • donuts.
  • tastespotting.com + becky to go crazy over it with me
  • real people, real hearts.
  • my parents who come all the way to cp to take me to health clinics.
  • everything in the past month thats pushed me to grow
  • support/encouragement from places/people i didn’t know i had

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