4 Oct

thankful thursday

  • the escalade truck in lot xx1, its funny and awkward looking
  • the development of good music after The Fall of music, aka boybands
  • janitors
  • girls, who have your back no matter how long they’ve known you
  • scrubby sponges
  • cleaning chemicals, for when you just happen to think that typing on a computer is smart when you’re also drawing with charcoal
  • spray fix
  • lotion, to help ease the pain of paper burn (similar to rug burn)
  • paper towels, to help prevent paper burn
  • roomies who make sure you don’t end up in campus police blotters… for running into a fence
  • alex, who is supportive in general and helps clean up after parties
  • people like gideon and auntie eugenia that i can trust and that stop me from being rash
  • hillsongs (and bez for giving me a mix cd of them), who are like lullabies for my soul
  • granted wishes at 11:11 and answered prayers
  • cancelled drawing class on wed to buy me time to read my 8 articles for theory
  • cookies, mouse traps, and that book “if you give a mouse a cookie”
  • ib for giving me experience with seminars, so that during discussion exam i really surprised myself and had plenty to say after i stopped being scared
  • my art theory friends (468+489) who make class that much more interesting
  • my theory teacher that understands wanting to experience art so she’s letting me skip class to go see jimmy eat world later this month
  • the overlap between classes of art exhibitions i have to visit, cutting down on the craziness of metroing everywhere and over time spent
  • my drawing teacher for pushing my abilities further than i know and generally being nice to me, including not counting me as tardy
  • love, hope, and faith
  • promises that provide the basis for hope and the stories of love
  • the terps’ win on saturday to save my weekend from having all terrible football losses
  • so many 5k and 10k races coming up that i have the choice of which to do
  • g, for being rb, and also an inspiration in so many ways, including exercise, work ethic, relationships, mental
  • capacity, and inner strength
  • inside people in the sga even if i don’t take advantage of my connections
  • breathing time between school craziness
  • the new ritas italian ice in cp
  • friends with use or lose diner points
  • really, the best friends i could ever ask for, which is why this week i have so many shoutout type thanks šŸ™‚

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