18 Oct

thankful thursday

  • being able to run (much less, walk) again after being a granny for the past three days
  • really, really welcoming girls
  • being able to go home and have a room to myself
  • the opportunity that i took to sleep 13hrs straight after a grueling couple days last weekend
  • scissors; people that permit you to cut their shoelaces; people who use the red tie thing. so that i don’t have to unlace and tie smelly shoes.
  • free stuff! yay for festivals, yay for DONUTS
  • getting my first free MD tshirt of the year! and becky for ensuring that i did
  • people with cars and who are willing to help me out
  • celebrities who don’t mind having their picture taken
  • a fractured prune in college park. yummmm (only when hot)
  • theory girls who wake me up in class when i fall asleep in the front row
  • extensions on the midterm+exam!
  • good planning of reading for class last week so that i didn’t die this week
  • gaining weight so that i was able to donate blood
  • being done with my long term projects at work 🙂 it feels REALLY good to be able to send trustees directory to print
  • funny people at work
  • paper shows!
  • little lights for having such great people to work with
  • actually waking up at the correct metro stop so i didn’t have to double back for once
  • a ride home from little lights b/c i really didn’t want to metro/walk back home
  • DBO’s rep, doug, and the great pretzels he brings us from PA
  • a relaxing day after a long week
  • the removal of marcus’s kids: jorge don lupe, craig, and that other guy
  • the new thing on our door so that mice don’t crawl under it into the apt
  • plastic portfolios so that all my good work from my real portfolio didn’t mold over and die
  • my bed, b/c when i am sore and cannot move, it feels REALLY good
  • a bye week from football so i could have a free saturday!
  • being able to attend my very first soccer game, and we won! i saw FOUR goals!
  • cheap prices/student discounts
  • 2north for always being real and somehow knowing what to say
  • my fair family who has a never-ending supply of love
  • real emails 🙂
  • rb.
  • stars
  • love, hope, and faith 🙂

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