1 Nov

thankful thursday

  • another week of school being done. enough with the midterms!
  • such supportive girls at fball practice
  • sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats. its so freakin cold
  • days that i don’t work so that i can be less dressy
  • a semi-new wall in the bathroom. emphasis on semi
  • enough boxes and candy for hallowtwist
  • ashley’s dad for the awesome wardrobe accessories
  • a sweet deal on that ps2 bundle
  • paul’s scheming that saved the night at 930 club
  • sweet positioning next to the stage
  • those magnificent lysol sanitizing wipes. i’m tired of mouse poop.
  • a decent grade on my drawing midterm, which was encouraging compared to usual
  • people who make food for me, i honestly don’t want to cook everyday
  • aroo, not the book, but mine at home.
  • my dad for the tons of candy he gives me for holidays
  • finally time to think about viable options for post-grad plans
  • interesting post-grad opportunities
  • i registered for classes for the last time.
  • the AGNR college guy that took away my block despite not understanding the situation
  • roomie for having such random sleep hours lately so i dont’ feel bad when i stay up late
  • loves of my life: 2north, drama/cef, 11th grade girls sg, rb
  • cars, so when you don’t really know where you’re going at least you don’t have to wait in the cold for another bus
  • really, really cheap ground pork for the best dumplings in the world
  • lotus seed buns. cheap patti-style fast-food. i could LIVE on these.
  • emails from friends that check up on me
  • my boss for supporting all the interns by paying for our urban forest project contest entry, $35/person!
  • free stuff at work: food, tshirts, laughs, fonts, etc.
  • the great lull in projects at work, EVERYone can breathe.
  • the laughs that my UHC doctor provides me
  • LL for being flexible with me being sick
  • for once, a warm, dry halloween
  • my nerdy journalism TA and prof heider for all their funny jokes/quirks/stories that make TuTh fun.
  • my spectacularly short thursdays after my packed MTW
  • that doctor’s note that got me out of class lately
  • the enchanted aura of autumn 🙂

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