8 Nov

thankful thursday

  • all the lovely welcome backs to LL
  • the chance to talk like normal people, not just as miss patti, with the LL staff
  • my girls sg and roomie for willing to help me bake a bajillion cupcakes
  • no food allergy to crabs
  • a dad who understands my food likings
  • a chance to laugh and make bets about silly things like sorbet flavors with my family
  • coaches who push us at practice
  • my body for enduring exercise lately
  • my body for being almost normal again!
  • 2north for always being hospitable and opening up their apt to me
  • my passing grade on my historical theory midterm
  • a plethora of sporting goods stores in the area so that i could find a pair of cleats that fit me
  • sunshine that makes cold days not so cold
  • windows that make warm indoors not stuffy
  • fun work days that include running around the mall, free tshirts, and Testudo doing superman
  • bonding and laughs about MNF this week with random people like TAs and friends
  • my girls for the return of bible study
  • friends who pass up on chances to go to fball games so that i can go
  • having as many friends as i do that i have a busy, fun weekend ahead
  • seasonal changes like brisk air and colorful leaves
  • roomie adventures like gymming and fooding
  • cancelled classes and early starts on weekends
  • my amazingly, wonderful, magical winter coat that keeps me warm no matter what
  • roomies who care about recycling
  • friends who love to cook and share food tips and recipes with me
  • friends who wake up early and bake b/c they have nothing else better to do
  • all the opportunities to network that my job provides me
  • a laundry machine at home that is ‘free’ to use
  • songs and singing and things that make me happy
  • a reduced number of gnats in my apt due to our new wall
  • lip balm to keep my lips from drying/cracking

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