15 Nov

thankful thursday

  • this week i knew the names of all the girls at HWC. 🙂
  • all the 11th grade small group girls whom i look forward to hanging out with friday nights
  • a credit card. which made for a fun shopping trip
  • the times that i have a car for the weekend
  • a spectacularly fun football game to be my last home football game of college
  • seeing old friends at the bar
  • actually being able to pull flags at practice
  • practice that started and ended pretty much on time
  • the girls on the team b/c its really the highlight of my week, their encouragement and support
  • being part of a sports team, which i’ve honestly always wished i could do since forever
  • a not so bad week of classes
  • a fitness class buddy 🙂
  • an indoor gym
  • being able to bounce back from weeks of non-exercise and still be able to run a considerable distance
  • access to music
  • being able to talk about random stuff with my theory girls
  • cancelled classes next week so i can sleep in for once 🙂
  • finally being able to meet with people to discuss the future of the drama team
  • being able to laugh about the distraught moments of the fair
  • having the best fair kids ever b/c they make up the best week of my year
  • having options and time to decide what to do with the team
  • honors studio open house for free food when i absolutely needed it and inspiration that there are art majors out there who really like what they do
  • flo for the ticket to the game
  • funny things that make me laugh like: who is your favorite superhero/action figure? spiderman b/c he can kiss girls upside-down.
  • having adorable babies at the office today for a photoshoot.
  • little KJ who makes me laugh b/c he has pointy elf ears.
  • becky’s ps2 that allows me to be able to particpate in class discussions about video games
  • being able to fit work, class, two thorough museum visits, and an opera into one day
  • tamotua, raq, rain, and other fun hoppera things.
  • edward hopper, my fav artist, for having such great work; his paintings, sketchbooks, ideas
  • the promise of seeing friends this weekend

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