22 Nov

thankful thursday

  • a resumption of REAL normal life
  • doctors who understand personal circumstances
  • metro, smarttrip, makes traveling to dc several times a week possible
  • cancelled classes
  • erc! for everything. a track, fitness classes, friends i see there
  • seeing old loves, even if for only a quick sec
  • tuesday night hilarity w/ flo including: kristi toliver, 3 bars in 1 night, and random brown people
  • gorgeous weather!
  • my job, for making it possible for me to acquire CS3
  • making it to the second round of entries for the urban forest project (bmore region)
  • having resources at work to make my second round entry a ton better than my first entry
  • really good music so i can retreat into my own world
  • the peace that running still gives me, especially when in a crappy mood
  • that my friends’ are getting interviews/jobs from top schools/companies
  • seeing high school friends and especially middle school friends. just knowing you’ve had this history with them and, really, you miss them no matter how close you are to them now.
  • pretty sweet jerseys for turkey bowl saturday
  • cleats for squishy ground days
  • friends with cars
  • hitting the one year mark of thankful thursdays and the changes i’ve seen in myself over the course of that year.
  • being able to build relationships with teachers over everyday activities/struggles
  • small classes
  • science class finals, b/c these papers/projects are killing me. (yes, i admit, i really miss orgo and cramming for those exams)
  • dreams, love, aspirations, support, encouragement, hope
  • the stillness and peace of late late night and early early morning.
  • friends who persevere.
  • doctors who perform successful tasks
  • finally knowing my blood type, O+, whereas no one else in my fam knows
  • fun that i have when becky and i cook for a crowd.

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