29 Nov

thankful thursday

  • auto-arrange function for organizing my computer
  • color-code capabilities
  • relaxed deadlines for projects
  • people with cars
  • papa john’s sweet pizza deals
  • sleep, fruits, vitamin c
  • pinder liked my transition drawing
  • warm winter coats
  • hats
  • charcoal powder, for fast starts
  • being part of an amazing football team
  • the girls i played football with and against
  • the girls who slept over that i got to know a bit better
  • people who provide food for me
  • having an apt and being able to invite people over to it
  • flag grabbing drills that taught me to break down
  • only playing 1/4 of the time so i’m not sore
  • having that third round game so we didn’t have to play first thing in the morn on frosty ground
  • the boys that stayed and cheered for us
  • my brother and his camera
  • early morning starts that make days more productive
  • a gym that is within running distance
  • the LL staff that knows how to deal with kids
  • the boys that practiced with us to prep for the tournament
  • the really welcoming people from HOPE
  • roomie bonding b/c of football
  • laughter, joy, friendships
  • cameras that capture memories
  • online ordering and pick-up options
  • lotion for itchy, ashy skin
  • puffs’ super-soft tissues
  • being able to exercise/play football AND be medically cleared for it

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