13 Dec

thankful thursday

  • cozy sweatshirts
  • lycra/spandex pants to wear running outside
  • bmore boys for getting the book i need for my take home exam/paper
  • the end of classes
  • having no final exams to study for
  • people that pushed me to finish my drawing last night
  • my final drawing turned out pretty well!
  • memories, happy hearts, old loves
  • becky’s camera
  • fitness classes that push me
  • empty gyms during finals week
  • late nights with the roomie
  • early morning greetings!
  • non-comcast tv. or tvs that work correctly
  • LL staff that know how to deal with kids
  • LL kids without hw so that we can play games instead
  • days without work OR class
  • days i can just come home, cook/bake, and then pass out
  • having the chance to be a part of an art gallery exhibition
  • my high school, which sadly, will soon be demolished (just like my elm school!)
  • easy discussion exams.
  • IB english, for teaching me to appreciate invisible man and how to analyze poems
  • campusfood for when i’m hungry
  • not having to use campusfood as much this sem and thus saving mucho dinero
  • cheap clothes + thrift stores
  • good lunch deals at olive garden
  • sleeping in til 1pm, esp when buttttt tired or after stayed up late with friends.
  • having time and people willing to sit around and watch movies. esp on our dying tv.
  • people who go to a cappella shows with me!
  • knowing a cappella semi-well enough to recognize good arrangements
  • all my friends that are coming home soon for winter break!
  • the music that plays at the gym that i sing with while lifting b/c of post-run endorphins

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