20 Dec

thankful thursday

  • professional bakers/bakeries
  • cupcake liners
  • box cake mixes
  • dental floss
  • coming home to a working tv
  • days i can sleep in
  • books, music, bed (the cozy things)
  • cars
  • funny 509 stories (like playing catchphrase, sports category, with cath+dan)
  • little lights kids
  • people who donated a lot of time and money to help with the LL christmas party
  • &co
  • being a part of LL this semester
  • finally finishing fall semester
  • my boys who coordinated getting a book for me to write my paper
  • fun office parties (schlogg, cheddar larvae, statue of liberties)
  • scoring on the white elephant exchange with sweet steelers stuff 🙂
  • free food leftovers from the office party
  • mr andy’s lady friend said yes 🙂
  • real friends, dates with friendly hearts, catch up talks
  • winter break, which couldn’t have come at a better time
  • mittens, hoodies/hats
  • empty gyms
  • diner, dairy and all places providing me food lately with my lack of groceries
  • extended deadlines
  • lip balm
  • people who believe in me
  • jer 29.11, psalm 91,
  • holiday cheer

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