3 Jan

thankful thursday

  • school miracles
  • art class ambiguous grading that boggles my mind
  • jeremy, the theory class TA
  • my really, really weak mono
  • redbox movies
  • a new tv
  • a dad who trusts me
  • my happy, healthy fam
  • my roomie, and her 20years of life 🙂
  • dc restaurant week dates
  • sound decisions
  • lotion
  • antihistamines
  • comfy hoodies
  • warm weather
  • winter gym membership
  • old memories
  • people to watch movies with
  • credit cards
  • places i can sit at and read (like b&n or libraries)
  • free time to catch up on books/magazines/fun
  • having spontaneous friends
  • b.lu’s cooking smarts
  • characteristic patti things like stars and hope

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