7 Feb

thankful thursday

  • warm weather
  • lockers/drawers in the litho room
  • making friends with my teachers/TAs
  • the rock poster gallery show/sale that was the highlight of my LIFE
  • all the laughs lately
  • free concerts!
  • gym buddies
  • freeee fooooood.
  • days that i don’t have to lug around a portfolio
  • fun co-workers that i could hang out with at or outside of work
  • finally finishing the barbie basketball illustration/collage for smith
  • a chance to be the poster child of UM
  • the many lunch/dinner dates i’ve had and will have recently
  • finally getting my clothes back!
  • yummy recipes
  • some of my best friends like rb and poop


  • smoke alarms that run on electricity and then on battery when the power goes out, genius.
  • learning about said smoke alarms in poli233 and the legalities around it.

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