15 Feb

thankful thursday

  • random early morning chats with RB
  • the crazy juxtaposition of my T/Th classes: super politically correct (their bodies are in a sort of .. sexual.. conjugation. versus. watching a video of male arousal)
  • my 1hr15min classes on T/Th b/c after studio classes M/W, they are a HUGE relief to just sit there for such a short time and take notes and not have to DO anything
  • my new found fame on the UM website
  • free food from friends with diner points
  • bmore boys for keeping my head straight all the time
  • 15hr sleeping stints when i’m sick
  • soup
  • the ability to skip class on monday to hear/see obama
  • georgia for getting there buttt early and letting me into the crazy long obama line
  • last friday for being the end of a Very Long Week at work where nothing went right for anyone
  • the REAL end of barbie basketball b/c i ran out of time and ideas to make it better
  • fitness classes that i actually get a workout at
  • the return of football to my life
  • fun/good interviews last weekend
  • days at work where we are simply exhausted and cath brings out snacks and its perfect timing
  • coworkers to be frustrated and laugh with when clients are absurd or we have to go through random routes of people to get approval for things
  • people that i bummed images off of in class b/c i didn’t do my hw
  • p.humph for not being mad about me skipping class for obama
  • p.humph’s genuine excitement for teaching people litho
  • hope, and the fact that everyone talked about it in the past week. aka obama and the gathering
  • really sweet voices that make me love music
  • the police auxiliary tonight for offering me a ride home (although i didn’t know they did that sort of thing)
  • the people who offer to give me rides to class, when cath was sick it was so weird walking to class
  • my new posters that decorate my room!
  • warm warm blankets and a cozy bed to hibernate in
  • mon frere who just turned 25y.o.
  • time to catch up with friends this week

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