28 Feb

thankful thursday

  • passion08, 11,117 pairs of socks and 2,920 towels to the shelters of Metro DC; $42,201 to build 14 wells in Africa; $36,217 for Passion Kampala
  • drama08, my life and a love
  • God, who provides
  • hope and joy, these two things that mean so much to me
  • p.lui and her amazingness of doing mercy ships for the next two months
  • girls who i can open up to and share with
  • random mixed drink consumption
  • chris tomlin, charlie hall, matt redman; the worship band who led me to give more than i know how
  • my lifestyle; how i can afford to donate money to shelters, well buiding in Africa, and Passion Kampala
  • j.fu and her condo that we crashed at last weekend
  • REM who saved us sweet floor seats; close proximity to the stage to go crazy
  • the return of fball season, great girls i laugh and dance (and play fball) with
  • pulling flags, especially becky’s, at practice; it’s so satisfying
  • b.lu and our craziness of loogies, dancing, baking, running to the gym, fitness classes, adventures in general
  • a.jiang b/c she’s always willing to listen to me and is just so amazing herself
  • the weather on friday being bad but not awful; so i could still go to work, but have no work to do, and then have AMAZING friday rush hour VA/rt.66 traffic
  • tastespotting meals
  • postsecret, for liberating me somewhat and helping me learn more about who i am
  • chances to lead/serve in so many ways: drama, tg, sunday school, bible study
  • mittens and winter coats that make the cold bearable
  • the hour between my MW classes that i have to eat lunch and breathe
  • my notetaking classes that i can sit down and absorb instead of stand and constantly do/create
  • T/Th when i can sleep in til 8.30am.
  • fitness classes, my friends that i bond with by going to them
  • pushing myself and being pushed to be more than i thought i was
  • people who believe in me, who love me, who encourage me
  • downtime; the occasional chances i get to just sit and relax and bask in life
  • realizing lately what and who matter most to me, the clarity of thankfulness for these things/people
  • closure, resolution; things that give other peoples’ and my heart peace
  • all the things that God does in people’s hearts
  • pseudo wingwomen; girl versions of wingmen? except not to pick up guys, but to deter them.

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