6 Mar

thankful thursday

  • cancelled classes; so i can end my day at 11.30 instead of 3 or 5pm and have a free day
  • shoes with support; think running shoes after several days of flats/chucks
  • christopher; for picking up all the loose ends of drama/ss when i fall through
  • sisters nights; its good to hang out with girls
  • a coach that takes chances with me
  • gym/running/cooking buddies
  • being done with my litho prints; a huge sigh of relief not to go in for lab hours
  • an idea for my color print that i’m really excited about
  • prof.humphrey for being so excited about our work and being a prof that really pushes her students
  • kind actions; like people who offer to return redbox dvds for me
  • my growing endurance for long-distance running
  • gorgeous spring weather to be outside and bask in
  • time to catch up on sleep
  • umbc free hour; how i miss it dearly to have a hour for the entire school set aside for lunch
  • my M/W hour lunch break to work on litho if i need to
  • being done with my drawing midterm portfolio
  • extended deadline for drawing sketchbook
  • daylight savings; i am thrilled to soon have more daylight hours!

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