13 Mar

thankful thursday

  • my best friends who don’t judge
  • bmore; one love of my life
  • my BOYS, who i can’t even begin to describe
  • really interesting convos with people this week
  • classes that i spent getting to know people and mosying around the library
  • spring break
  • doing pretty well for my arth exam, although i didn’t know names for some
  • hilarity at work and the mustache campaign
  • time at work to do hw
  • being able to get 5–6hrs of sleep a night whereas other people barely slept
  • girl scout cookies!
  • the promise of adventure for break
  • a chance to go out with RM loves, bmore loves, and wife!
  • luiiii is backup QB; how i love this girl
  • more time to bond with my junior girls
  • finally a chance last weekend to hang out and eat dinner with my fam
  • my fam who lets me use a car and go out when i need to so i really rarely see them when i go home
  • ray for that lovely houstons gift card that fed me that delicious steak
  • gorgeous designs
  • while writing my midterm in arth, i really felt the analytical/smart/studious patti from freshman year kick in
  • gorgeous 50s weather that is just about perfect for running
  • good running shoes!
  • cooozy sweatshirts
  • my first COLOR drawings turned out well, even if its only for my rough drawing for litho
  • i can DRAW. haha. little known fact even to me
  • the extra hour of daylight

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