20 Mar

thankful thursday

  • knowledgable foodies
  • my favs: rb and pwb whom i’ve particularly missed lately
  • decisive people
  • my cousin going to school nearby so i can see her finally after 10yrs
  • spring break laziness
  • dates with raquel
  • stories with raquel 🙂
  • rita’s coupons, which becky and i raided campus for
  • the erc still being open
  • fitness classes that i take for granted and miss so much during break
  • no fball practice on sunday so i could lunch date at bob’s with c.wu and friends
  • rem girls who are fun to eat with
  • schools that offer sweet packages to ggramps, so he is ensured a quality education
  • shopping; its only 3 more days..
  • bravo; the tv channel for quality tv like top chef, project runway, or make me a supermodel 😛
  • batteries; which make all the difference in a dying tv remote
  • going out buddies like stace+mark; i absolutely adore these two
  • exroomie, may; our convos are always fun, i miss this girl a lot too
  • chances to watch sports and drink beer with my bmore boys just like in the old days
  • non-cbc friends; they sustain my love for craziness
  • finally getting a chance to go to TT
  • promises of playdates with many of my favs
  • a warm shower/bed after coming in from the rain/cold
  • living near such a thriving city, dc, our nation’s capitol
  • pencil sharpeners that sharpen to a point

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