27 Mar

thankful thursday

  • super laid back studios when you don’t do anything and leave early
  • good workouts that leave you sore
  • the excitement of shopping again
  • the end of lent
  • easter
  • bmore urban forest project for making me more environmentally active
  • finally seeing my cousin after 10+years
  • the hospitable kappa sigs
  • ike’s, flat tuesdays, panda, and places like those 🙂
  • catch-up dates with old loves
  • benedryl and its life-saving properties
  • photoshoot opportunities
  • responsibilties at work
  • the ewe boat, i loveee it, and loved making it. WAY clever.
  • guys who don’t think too much
  • my boys who make me laugh
  • those countless dback rita’s coupons we have
  • solutions to problems
  • fitness instructors who know how to work us
  • big rolls of tape
  • my bed, hot showers, naps; things that ease my tired, aching body
  • 100% fruit juice

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