3 Apr

thankful thursday

  • cool breezes that blow fresh air through the night
  • nighttime walks
  • catch-up chats with friends
  • friends who shake me straight and laugh at me
  • public transportation
  • BFC (BFG), KJV, and other license plates in XX1 that i call friends
  • warm, sunny, gorgeous days
  • last year’s fair gift: a single red rose. dear patti. love, God.
  • the beauty of constantly falling in love with God, my creator, who has plans for me, all over again
  • the friends who care about my emotional and physical well-being lately
  • my home+God under a tent. 1 chronicles 17:1
  • “Take my heart it is thine own; it shall be thy royal throne” — c.tomlin
  • a chance to finally explore DC nightlife
  • patience+irony
  • my parents for their flexibility with car usage and picking me up from school
  • chances that i get to learn more about myself
  • chances that i get to hang out with and learn more about my sg girls
  • sunny + my new haircut that i love so much
  • classes that are spent doing random time-killing things
  • professors that let you set up appts outside of office hours
  • the return of lauren to muscleworks
  • the recent increase of interesting stories to tell
  • hope, promises, love
  • fb messages, emails, IMs that brighten my day 🙂
  • rb; she is so amazing, it blows my mind
  • vibrancy and excitement to live
  • being able to wear shoes, esp in the cold
  • sweaters, umbrellas
  • connections with hilarious art people that i can call my colleagues
  • meat; i.e. chickens, cows, pigs, GOOD HEALTHY PROTEIN
  • nerdy, complex things like food combos that increase bioavailability and absorption of vitamins
  • beckyface and all the hilarious, can’t stop laughing, but it hurts, moments this week
  • the recent addition of APT DECORATIONS. aka rules stolen from dorms
  • cars in yucky weather and when i have unhappy body parts

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