10 Apr

thankful thursday

  • teachers who push you to your best, even if it means redoing a project you’re already 1/3 done with
  • my parents who gave me life 22 years ago
  • people who give me rides when it’s raining, when my ankle hurts, when i’m late
  • teachers who base final grades weighted more on the second-half of the semester performance
  • christopher and the cupcakes; a much needed breather in the middle of practice
  • my squad leaders who are absolutely amazing
  • a good fball practice in which i do good things and bad things versus many many neutral things
  • sunday school students who actually want to learn/read
  • finally clearing up with my dr. what contacts i need
  • being able to drive to class using cath’s permit so i dont’ have to lug huge paper across campus
  • cancelled drawing classes so i can work at home and have more flex time M/W
  • the bday wishes/gifts/balloons/cakes i received
  • a good deal on sunday school books, both cost and delivery time
  • surviving that drive home in the rain after freaking out from almost crashing
  • getting more real work as an intern than others
  • nice admissions photoshoot results
  • fun friends to go out with
  • having my banner chosen as one of the 200 banners in the baltimore urban forest project
  • finally finding out results of bmore-ufp b/c i saw a random photo from the preview event
  • having my banner shown in bmore for two whole months
  • virginia, lauren, and mona, for these crazy muscles and toned body i’ve gained this semester
  • cleats; so i don’t die in the mud
  • encouragement people give me when i have lousy weeks

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