17 Apr

thankful thursday

  • being healthy again
  • prof.humphrey being happy b/c of my hair and shirt instead of being mad b/c i didnt work on my plate over the weekend
  • light practices that have helped my quad heal
  • being able to sit in on my first production mtg at work
  • being in charge of a whole project at work! especially one that isn’t too related to school
  • getting to carney safely in that rain last weekend
  • mrs. kim for being way nice to me and letting me in instead of calling the police
  • my fav, for letting me crash at his house and sleep in his bed
  • being able to bask in the excitement of bmore city+county and feel so ALIVE
  • a productive SL mtg
  • being able to squeeze the fair leaders mtg in during the core
  • outreach night going well
  • m.fu & co making that spectacular movie!
  • seeing old cbc faces at outreach night and being able to share the REM love in me with them
  • all the cbc teams making it to the second weekend of the bball tourney
  • that phone call that shows people think i’m fun, even if i couldn’t do anything
  • tips last week that helped s.xu improve at practice this week
  • getting work done this week and still sneaking in a few hours to nap
  • being proud of my ‘losing ground’ project AND having classmates like it too
  • roomie dinners/meals due to lack of food
  • rita’s, and the nice girl who gave us some ice for free
  • people finishing exams/projects/labs/theses so its smooth sailing til grad

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