25 Apr

thankful thursday

  • rita’s coupons
  • raquel + stories
  • friends i can just hang around without participating and not have it be questioned
  • tonight’s gathering + communion, something that really stood out in my week
  • fball + catching up with dennis
  • p.gavin’s laid back nature and letting things slide
  • p.humph’s neverending encouragement for and belief in her students
  • running my first color on press, still amazingly i’m ahead of the class
  • lunch breaks, time to breathe
  • dates with my girls
  • coaches that push me, or at least point out my mistakes, so that i can push myself
  • people who are there for me when i’m at my worst
  • alone time so i can recover from excessive moodiness like my newfound extreme frustration
  • exercise b/c it really does clear my head, esp running
  • after not really running (running to run, not to get somewhere) for a month, still being able to run 2miles no sweat
  • m.chan and her love regarding fball and frustration
  • rb and our early morning talks
  • being able to get a ride to class from cath
  • going to class and having a clear head and a mindset ready to learn
  • p’s safe trip home and in africa
  • chris for pulling together all the drama stuff lately
  • my coworkers for the recent hilarious emails and picnic plans
  • finally, maryland day is upon us, soon no more last minute maryland day stuff at work
  • umbc for teaching me practical design skills and mockup skills
  • daddy for giving me an engineering/logical thinking mind which often comes in handy
  • being raised to not care about doing dirty work
  • last week’s metro photoshoot coming together after the last minute scramble for people
  • cookoff coming together and making yummy crepes with my girls
  • people who take initiative
  • antihistamines to combat allergies
  • tissues packages so i can bring to class/work
  • my friends who love me no matter what
  • much needed naps
  • renewed relationships
  • finally putting together a REAL sunday school lesson
  • the kids who actually are really interested in the ss book and read ahead
  • the implementation of the pushups at practice so timeliness is ensured
  • my science background that occasionally comes in handy
  • people who feel comfy enough with me to talk about real things
  • the amount of attention i get from people, which shows me that i am somebody worthwhile

sometimes when i think i had a crappy week and nothing to be thankful for, i actually think back and realize that there were a lot of little things that made my week worthwhile.


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