2 May

thankful thursday

  • pals4life, for the fun we had and plays i’ll never make anywhere else
  • will+sam+fei for teaching me fball fundamentals
  • beckyface for being our biggest cheerleader despite injury
  • anyone who’s been helping poop out this week
  • the GCC girl who knows PT and automatically went to becky and helped out
  • all my fav bmore boys
  • my boys in general for fun talks
  • lunch breaks
  • sweet sweet sleep after 7–7.5hr litho lab days or working overtime
  • free ben&jerrys, $0.31/scoop night at baskin robbins
  • daddy’s huge scoops of ice cream
  • bonding with my junior girls through fball
  • fun at the park! a nice break from life.
  • people with cars
  • fball experience so that pals4life rocked the turf
  • rooooomies b/c we are hilarious when we do stuff together
  • the little asian kid who stacks cups
  • the introduction of stacking cups to the apt!
  • fruits, fruit juice, horizon milk, yummy things that sustain me
  • cheap clothing places
  • rich+pauline for good litho lab music
  • litho plates finally came in
  • p coming home safely
  • doing fairly well on that body/object project, or at least doing something different
  • aloe vera, shea butter lotion, body scrub, things that attack sunburn
  • a great appreciate to all the people at work who are guiding me with the OotM stuff and keeping me from going crazy
  • office lunch parties, and the hilarious emails that go with them
  • friends who know makeup
  • the end of a busy week
  • all the leftovers we have from random things
  • hilarious things like our banana beer bread
  • nights that make my long days worthwhile
  • finally getting out of my yucky mood/attitude probs.

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