8 May

thankful thursday

  • really fun intramurals
  • gorgeous weather
  • a very productive drama planning mtg
  • 24-hr CVSes
  • free saturdays! as much as i love my drama team, i LOVE free saturdays
  • ibuprofen
  • fun coworkers who take breaks to play 2v2 football, go to art attack and 7-11!
  • my room at home that i don’t have to share with anyone
  • finally finishing map o’ death with fruity parking lots
  • a helpful photographer who gives direction
  • some nice photos that came out of the photoshoot
  • being able (+being home) to sit down for dinner with my parents and brother
  • free sunday afternoons!
  • free weekends.
  • coming down the home stretch for this sunday school quarter
  • being able to see angela race in MACCCs this weekend!
  • seeing g since we often have full schedules and its nice whenev i get to see/talk to her
  • seeing mark! i love this guy, he is fun 🙂
  • making it through this week, despite all the crucial classes i skipped
  • really encouraging “midterm portfolio reviews”
  • producing a decent stop motion film
  • bonding with classmates in litho lab
  • art gallery opening receptions. yum.
  • caffeine so i can pull almost allnighters several days in a row
  • naps that i can squeeze in
  • water since i get so dehydrated from caffeine
  • the game we won last night by forfeit b/c i was way too tired to play
  • becky’s brace! so she can walk without pain
  • caroline for visiting and eating dinner with us+mary
  • the reemergence of RITAs coupons. 😀
  • the excitement of calling people about the coupons + beckyface calling me in the middle of her class to tell me
  • all the people lately who put up with my attitude (grumpy) due to lack of sleep
  • lunch today with coworkers as our senior farewell interns lunch
  • UM for paying for lunch
  • the 2.5yrs i’ve spent at u.pubs learning so much about design
  • the extension for senior show b/c of the union opening
  • cheap, but nice clothes from places like nordstrom rack and mustardseed
  • my madre who built me a frame for my art for the senior show
  • rest

it was a particularly painful week, but amazingly i still have so much to be thankful for


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