15 May

thankful thursday

  • W, 23-18, my intramural champs tshirt 🙂
  • coach will+sam+fei and rem fball
  • pals for life, beckyface who captains all the teams and is our biggest cheerleader
  • my new rita’s coupons, even though everyone now wants to always go to rita’s with me or steal my coupons
  • raquel, my fav going-out buddy.
  • dancing, bars, casual drinking—and all the hilarity that ensues
  • the reemergence of g.chin in my life, i’ve seen him more in the past week than in the past year
  • friends with litho lab keys
  • having all my litho stuff done no matter when the random due date/time is
  • friends that let me know: when due dates change, what i miss in class, what notes i miss
  • friends that skip class with me
  • being 90% done with OotM materials
  • my fab, fellow intern, ashley for the fun we’ve had
  • p.gavin’s promotion b/c she really is a great professor
  • a chance to be in another gallery show (senior show), and j.flick for letting me slide on the due date
  • the end of living in litho lab
  • being able to skip work at last minute notice due to last minute projects/finals
  • late night meals at barnside/panda
  • some of the funniest and most fun roomies EVER (sniffing out bad smells, finding oswald, playing fball)
  • nighttime walks
  • the caterpillar picking up lady
  • the monsoon that wiped out caterpillars for several days
  • all of daniel’s friends that gave us rides in the rain
  • 7-11, yet again saves the day, cinnamon toast crunch
  • my fam who understands that even during mother’s day weekend, i have to go to lab hours
  • my fam who supported me for my senior show and my urban forest project
  • my madre 🙂
  • my daddy who understands the importance of winning intramurals
  • my daddy who knows how to get most any stain out of clothes
  • people/clients that say thanks after i go out of my way to do their project
  • having some of the best teachers this semester
  • new music, funny music (wow, i can get sexual too!), dance-worthy music
  • all the people that listen to the silly stories i tell
  • random days at work that i get commended for busting my butt and then we go out to play fball
  • early morning runs and easy downhill miles.

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