15 May

thankful thursday

  • running, the ease of running now that i’m half fit, the freedom of running
  • fun times with new friends at pside
  • semi-low key chillin
  • donuts; gourmet or normal, whole or holes
  • breakfast; breakfast sandwiches, meals, having time to eat it
  • random roomie bonding over things like staying up over exams
  • safe roadtrips; adam for driving me to pgh and back
  • g and all the years i’ve know her; she’s so amazing and her dept grad helped show off her accomplishments so everyone knows it too
  • receptions/dinners put on by schools
  • a really fun weekend in pgh; kayaking, burgers at tassaro’s, sports works (hockeyyy), monongahela incline, dozen cupcakes, rita’s
  • ash+g for letting me surprise crash at their apt in pgh
  • people i can talk to on the phone with and it isn’t painful and i actually enjoy it
  • raq for her half of the stories 🙂
  • my parents for driving me back to CP at midnight
  • prof gavin for giving me advice on my grad situation and being a great prof in general
  • pinder for being not just a prof but also a friend
  • mansbach for emailing me even if he didn’t budge my grade, i still have a lot of respect for a man that renowned in his field
  • my advisor for making miracles happen
  • pwb for being my punching bag the night before when i went crazy
  • friends; for being concerned about me when i felt like crap
  • everything for working out
  • getting to see old umbc loves 🙂
  • hyeon got his internship
  • being finally done with college
  • growing up so much in the past month b/c of all the things that have happened from CMU grad to almost not graduating, to friends that matter and those that don’t
  • p.tran for swapping prints with me b/c i love hers
  • being able to dump all cath’s super old beer and old food
  • becca for being a great roomie for 2.5yrs
  • rita’s for sustaining me
  • work so i don’t sit around lazy all day
  • beckyface’s knee progress and plans

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