29 May

thankful thursday

  • being able to grad
  • all the crazy friends and fam i have that showed up at grad
  • all the congrats and well wishes i received
  • the end of spring sunday school (the end of teaching ss)
  • free time
  • tv+cable, both, not one or the other, b/c often i have the wrong one at the wrong time
  • sidney crosby
  • all of the random grad/end of year/random celebrations people have been having
  • public transportation
  • skirts, air condition, cold water
  • random rides home for 3blocks
  • baked yumminess
  • raquel, b/c now that she’s gone i don’t know what to do
  • spring fitness classes, b/c summer sched is inconvenient
  • roomies, b/c there is no one here but me this week
  • samples! i finally got my pins back from the vendor. nice. now to get the other 5 pins in the set from vendor #2.
  • early morning runs
  • time at work to relax due to a light work load
  • people, i would go crazy alone (… like now)

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