5 Jun

thankful thursday

  • the boys letting me buy the drinks last week so i didn’t feel so awful about mooching
  • that ONE amazing game i played, which was absolutely miraculous
  • people who are still in cp this summer
  • people who are willing to come out to cp to hang out
  • RITA’S GIFT CARDS 😀 (and alex)
  • hilarious rita’s workers, hilarious messed up orders with beckyface, reward rita’s, extended summer hours
  • running and all things non-stationary bike
  • seat cushions for my hurting butt
  • free food at relay
  • good times with my dad+relay: grilling, homesteads, squatters, hurricane boxes
  • my mama, who spent her birthday doing relay for life
  • all my friends who came to help at relay, it meant a lot to me
  • hilarious times at relay: rom’s 50 pushups, will’s hoola hoop skills
  • getting OotM samples
  • an empty campus (aka without 20394230 little kids running around)
  • 3OT win, i can’t take another 3OT loss after UMBC beat UM in mens lax this year
  • the people at work who respect me
  • friends who love music and recommend new stuff to me
  • sleeping in on sunday and nobody waking me up to help at relay
  • a chance to sleep in
  • hilarious times with b.face: omg… a PERSON, stationary bikes
  • days off to do things like watch some of the loves of my life graduate high school
  • pantone swatch books and gorgeousness like that to contrast those neon tshirts
  • funny things like ‘coaches recovery party’ at riggs
  • bars, b/c they have widescreen HD tvs.. whereas i have none.
  • photos! memories. of grad and my photoshoot
  • rainstorms b/c they’re gorgeous
  • troopers like malone who sacrifice their body for their team
  • cereal, pasta, and other random food that i have at the apt
  • ice, air condition, relief from this heat

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