12 Jun

thankful thursday

  • air condition
  • cookouts and all yummy foods associated with them
  • b’s safe return and productive trip
  • my loves that grad high school in the past few weeks
  • mornings that are both cool enough to go running and i actually get out of bed
  • free mornings
  • good friends i can count on and run to when things go wrong
  • the reenactment of miracles
  • my lovely advisor
  • pinder for always checking up on and looking out for me
  • lazy days at work so that i can do other things
  • summertime
  • summer schedules so that everyone at work slips out early
  • tv, cable, forms of entertainment which i don’t have
  • pk for his tv, air condition, and fun!
  • random middle of the week fun
  • my wife, joy, and her birth
  • pwb who bears the heat with me and sleeps over
  • spontaneous shopping with michelle
  • movies, music, time wasters
  • being able to put my hair into a ponytail after 3 long months
  • summer storms; the excitement, smell, sound, but not the destruction or the tornado watches
  • an entire apt to myself this week
  • the friends and teachers i know from UMBC b/c i got so homesick for it today
  • food blogs/forums
  • bmore sun food/local news blogs/articles
  • crossword puzzles and long lunches
  • breaks from life

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